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Please note, they have a minimum order of 3 garments so orders have to wait until they have this number of garments to run.

Please contact them directly at quoting Warbow Wales garments.  

Prices are:


Warbow Wales Polo shirt (K400 Black) £15.60 each


Warbow Wales Hoodies (JH001 Black) £19.20 each.

These prices are based up to a 2XL. 3xl, 4xl and 5xl will be an extra £1.00 each.  The hoodies only go up to a 3XL.

Warbow Wales logo patches will be available at shoots.  

These are 4" x 2" in size and priced £5

Here in Wales we have our own medieval bracer found in the bilges of the Newport Medieval Ship, a 1400s merchant vessel unearthed in 2002.  On the right is a reconstruction by Jeremy Spencer.  These are available from priced £45

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